Exhibition transfer with LS Pallas

We bring you safely to the fair and back.

There is a very dense stress and work level packed in a very short period of only a few days, meaning there is one thing you do not need: unnecessary additional stress, like endless lines at the taxi stand at the end of a long exhibition day or walking speed and Stop-and-go traffic at the exit of the parking.

This is a nerve-racking ordeal which you can easily avoid by booking Pallas Secure’s exhibition transfer. Our experienced, reliable drivers come to pick you up on time after a long exhibition day and will help you start your well-deserved evening as soon as possible, no matter at which end of the city or where in the Munich area your hotel is located.

Across the city fast and safe, classy and comfortable

As soon as the doors of the limousine close behind you, your moment has come. You make yourself comfortable in the relaxing seats of one of our limousines and stretch your legs. Your motto: the path is the true destination. Even your hotel bed would not offer you a better rest – even though you can hear it call your name.

Our friendly drivers convince by their excellent local knowledge. Back ways, short cuts, and alternative routes to avoid road works and traffic jams? That’s a piece of cake. All of our qualified drivers have successfully completed the so-called „Ortskundeprüfung“, literally translated „local knowledge test“ for the Munich area. They had to prove their in-depth knowledge of streets, places, routes, police stations, hospitals and various addresses in the city center as well as in the whole Munich area. Passing the test is mandatory in order to obtain the permission to drive passengers, according to § 48 of the Driving Licenses Regulation (FeV).


Around and about the Munich exhibition grounds

For 80 years, the exhibition grounds had been located in the city center. In 1998, it opened its doors in Riem, in the northern parts of the former Munich airport which had closed in 1992. A cutting-edge exhibition corporation (Messe München) that in Munich alone organizes about 40 big trade fairs for experts and the public, attracting more than 30.000 exhibitors from all over the world.

We will bring you, your employees and your international guests to the trade fair and to all your meetings coming along with major events, in all safety and on time. Our experienced chauffeurs captivate and convince by their politeness, discretion and impeccable, groomed appearance. They know every corner of the city and speak English what makes them excellent chauffeurs and, moreover, perfect interlocutors concerning questions about Munich.

Office deluxe – Limousine service Pallas in Munich

Instead of being stuck in the morning rush hour, you use the precious time before the opening of the trade fair to quickly check some e-mail or to do an important phone call, completely isolated from any traffic noise.

Behind the windows of our limousines you have an extra moment for yourself before you have to face masses of people on the exhibition grounds. The good news is that you can look forward to your personal exhibition transfer from Pallas Secure GmbH all day long and do not need to envy competitors who have their hotel right next to the exhibition grounds. It is quite the contrary.

You decide in which limousine you travel, alone or in company. We are happy to open the doors of one of our precious, black cars for you. If you prefer to experience a new driving experience in your own car, one of our experienced chauffeurs is pleased to drive your car for you.

If you have a very specific car model in mind which we do not have in our fleet, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will not leave any stone unturned to be able to drive you in the limousine of your dreams, and to make sure that you get out of the limousine happy and relaxed, after a short distance as well as after a long one.