Home transportation service with LS Pallas

We will bring you home safely again!

A bit of comfort after the fright

Primarily, a home transportation service is for persons who got injured in an accident or fell sick while being abroad, insight or outside the country. It is mainly used by tourists, whose absence from home was originally intended to be full of recreational pleasure and relaxation – in other words: a wonderful, carefree time – but who got stuck by an unpleasant incident like an accident or a disease. In such emergencies, it is particularly important to be in good hands and to have professional support. You need a dependable home transportation service, able to handle crisis situations and to bring you and your relatives back home to your familiar environment safely and comfortably.


First by foot, then by car

The reason for using a home transportation service does not have to be exclusively serious, it can also be an enjoyable part of a trip, for instance after a mountain hiking tour. In this context, it does not necessarily concern only persons but can also include non-living objects such as baggage items, bikes or other sports equipment, and vary from one person to a whole group.

Carefree and in good hands

We are happy to help and support you with our driving service and all other services we offer but we know our limits, since it is our commitment to always act responsibly. After very severe accidents and serious illnesses, the only possible transport is by ambulance, plane or helicopter in order to provide life-saving appliances. Luckily, a lot of cases are less severe, and there is only one thing you want: getting away from hospital, comfortably seated, and back home the fastest possible. This could be the case when having a sprained ankle or a broken leg, when recovering after an operation or when you simply do not feel well enough to get behind the steering wheel again yourself.

Using a home transportation service does not have to be the result of an unexpected emergency. The limousine service of Pallas Secure GmbH is happy to pick you up after a mountain tour or a cycling trip, no matter how remote your starting point might be located. You decide whom, what and how much we transport for you. We will talk about your individual needs beforehand and will find a suitable offer for you.


Qualified, service-oriented and professional

Our attentive, trained drivers bring you back fast and safely, from within or outside the country. No distance is too far for us to get you to your destination in all safety. We are there for you, whenever you need us.

Besides excellent driving skills combined with a diligent preparation for the forthcoming route, our competent employees have solid first-aid knowledge. As a family company with high quality standards, we put an emphasis on further education and trainings. We want our drivers and security staff to be up to date on the latest state of knowledge concerning security issues and passenger transportation. You trust us. The protection of your life is our priority!