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Various rides, always reliable and comfortable – Limousinenservice in München by Pallas Secure

The employee training takes place at one of your firm’s branches, the next trade fair is approaching, you want to say thank you with a surprise picnic or you intend to have a big party for your 25th wedding anniversary. There is a huge variety of possible events but each of it is important. The experienced, trustworthy chauffeurs of Limousine Service Pallas are happy to drive you, your guests and business partners to your destination, always in accordance with our corporate principles, meaning comfortably and rapidly.


Your pleasant journey with our exquisite limousine service in Munich from Pallas Secure

You can make use of our transport service any time, selectively, i.e. when needing a ride from the fairground to the hotel, as well as round the clock, at a precise date or even for several, consecutive weeks. Whether single rides on demand or a shuttle service with a fixed schedule, it all depends on the occasion and your wishes.

Exclusive limousine plus a chauffeur with excellent local knowledge makes driving a carefree pleasure

Getting from one destination to the next, always on time, implies a certain stress level. This is why we decided to diminish as much stress and unnecessary tension from our passengers as possible by offering a comprehensive, reliable limousine service and, furthermore, to turn the comfortable journeys into unforgettable highlights.

Our friendly drivers convince by their well-groomed appearance and their impeccable manners. They have excellent driving skills and completed a profound education and further trainings. In order to get you to your destination safe, fast and on time, perfect local knowledge is indispensable and mandatory for our drivers.

It is even embedded in § 48 of the Driving Licenses Regulation (FeV), which shows its fundamental importance. Munich’s so-called „Ortskundeprüfung“, literally translated „local knowledge test“, is a written test with questions about streets, places, routes, as well as police stations, hospitals, and other addresses in the city center and the whole area. Only when having passed the test, the candidates are allowed to drive passengers. According to § 49 of the Public Transport Act / Law on the Transport of Persons (PBefG), Pallas Secure GmbH and its employees have the permission to transport passengers commercially, meaning you can get into our cars carefree and lean back relaxed.


You decide in which limousine you travel, alone or in company. We are happy to open the doors of one of our precious, black cars for you. If you prefer to experience a new driving experience in your own car, one of our experienced chauffeurs is pleased to drive your car for you.

If you have a very specific car model in mind which we do not have in our fleet, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will not leave any stone unturned to be able to drive you in the limousine of your dreams, and to make sure that you get out of the limousine happy and relaxed, after a short distance as well as after a long one.

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