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Persons under protection

Personal security has the aim to give vulnerable persons a maximum of safety, yet, to limit their freedom of movement as little as possible. This implies getting from one location to another in all safety, no matter whether the destination is close to the own four walls or several hours away. Our employees are excellent drivers and also trained safety specialists with a focus on personal security. With us, you are in good hands.


With us, you drive safely

Our vehicles are always well maintained to make sure that you get to your destination on time. No unpleasant surprises of technical nature on the road. Extensive driving experience and an excellent knowledge of the Munich road network make our drivers a reliable escort who get you to your desired destination quickly. For passengers needing special protection, all necessary security measures will be taken by our staff. This includes picking safe routes as well as escorting the passenger outside the car.

Besides excellent local knowledge of the whole Munich area, which our drivers had to prove by successfully completing the so-called „Ortskundeprüfung“, literally translated „local knowledge test“, according to § 48 of the Driving Licenses Regulation (FeV). Furthermore, Pallas Secure GmbH has the authorization to transport passengers commercially, according to § 49 of the Public Transport Act / Law on the Transport of Persons (PBefG). Moreover, Pallas Secure’s security experts have the permission of the responsible authority to protect life and property professionally. Special instructions and tests concerning competence and expert knowledge from the legislator ensure that the employees working in the security sector are suitable and qualified for respective activities, according to § 34a of the industrial code (GewO). These conditions are a sign of quality, but above all, they are a guarantor for your safety.

Good reasons for a personal security service

There does not necessarily have to be a highly dangerous situation in order to make use of personal security. Quite often, it is a subjective feeling of safety that a professional escort is able to impart. It can concern a rich celebrity on a private shopping tour as well as scientists or economic experts on business trips. Our securities monitor the environment and recognize the slightest discrepancies. When danger is ahead, they can act immediately in order to protect you from assaults.

As a general rule it can be said: personal security can be recommended in various situations, in private as in professional life, during a joyful shopping tour as well as on the way to work, when heading to the airport or on business trips, inside or outside Germany.

If there is a reasonable suspicion that one person could cause injury to another, the person in danger should request personal protection, by one bodyguard or by a discrete escort of several security people.


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