Ski transfer with LS Pallas

We bring you to the ski area and pick you up again.

Let’s go!

Munich’s airport is a popular transport hub for non-residents to start their winter vacation. We come to pick you up at the gate, and take good care of a safe and professional transportation of your ski equipment. Your individual carefree-package starts with your arrival at Munich airport. Munich locals get into the car right in front of their home, in the city center or in the Munich area.

Depending on how many passengers you are, you travel in one of our limousines or in a spacious van, which you have to share with your fellow passengers only. After all, it is your individual journey, in a safe vehicle with winter tires and utmost comfort.

Please let us know ahead if you wish to travel with children. In Germany, it is compulsory to use child seats, which is precisely incorporated in § 21 (passenger transportation) of the Road Traffic Act (StVO). It says that children under 12 years of less than 1.50 meters may only be transported, if a restraint system is installed in the car, appropriate for the child, depending on age, weight and height, and in accordance with the directive. We want to make sure to provide equipment compliant to the directive, to be able to guarantee a carefree, punctual start into your vacation.


Winterproof drivers

In the winter time, road conditions are unpredictable. Well trained, reliable and circumspect chauffeurs with excellent driving skills are a must. Our qualified employees have successfully completed the exam necessary for the permission to transport passengers, according to § 48 of the Driving Licenses Regulation (FeV). They know how to get you to your destination in all weathers easily, confidently and on time. They know their way and when to use snow chains – and how to apply them correctly in just a few steps.

As a company, Pallas Secure GmbH also fulfills all legal requirements. We have the authorization to transport passengers commercially, according to § 49 of the Public Transport Act / Law on the Transport of Persons (PBefG). You can get in our cars without any worries and lean back fully relaxed. We are always endeavored to make your trip the most pleasant possible!

Not without snacks and refreshments

You have dutifully done your ski gymnastics, but meal breaks are important as well. You need a good basis before heading for the first mulled wine.

Our friendly drivers always widen their local and regional knowledge ahead of longer drives and are happy to stop for a lunch break at your favorite restaurant or to share one of their insider tips with you.

It is your winter vacation that deserves to be unforgettable and a real hit.

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